Tief’s Primed Seasoned Beef Ribs


Approx 2.75 lbs. Per Package
Final Cost Based On Weight

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Tiefenthaler’s Tief’s Primed Beef Ribs are beef short ribs coated in Tiefenthaler’s famous prime rib seasoning. Tief’s Primed Beef Ribs are perfect for a quick meal after you get home from work if you cook them in the crock pot.
For cooking instructions see our recipes tab on for to cook the ribs in the oven, crock pot, on the grill, or on the smoker.

Covered with salt, hydrolyzed protein from soy, monosodium glutamate, caramel color, dextrose, spices (includes celery), natural butter flavor (contains maltodextrin), corn starch, onion and garlic powder.

The seasoning contains the allergens soy and milk.


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