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Tiefenthaler Skinless Bratwurst are famous all over the country! This bratwurst is unique and innovative! Our Skinless Bratwurst are made without a casing.
All you get is quality meat. Since there is no tough casing to bite through your mouth won't have to worry about a hot grease explosion scorching your tongue.
Tiefenthaler Quality Meats now has eleven flavors of Skinless Bratwurst to boast about.

To enjoy some of these world famous brats, just stop into our retail meat store that is located in Holstein, Iowa.  TQ Meats has over 140 meat items to choose from.

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Beef Processing Instructions
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Whole Beef

Side of Beef

Half of Half (Split Quarter)


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Hog Processing Instructions

Click on the links below to SUBMIT HOG Cutting Instructions for your hog being processed at our location.

Whole Hog 

Half a Hog

Venison Products
Venison Product List
Venison Processing is available September 1st thru March 15th
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