Cordon Bleu Chicken Breast


2 Chicken Breast Per Package
Approx 1 lb per package

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Tiefenthaler’s Cordon Bleu Stuffed Chicken Breasts are a fun and tasty twist to your meal. Tiefenthaler’s Cordon Bleu Stuffed Crusted Chicken Breasts are stuffed with ham and swiss cheese and coated with seasoned crumbles.

Cooking Instructions: Cook from frozen at 350 degrees for 1 hour.

Ingredients:Chicken with up to 10% marinade(water,salt,sodium phosphate,maltodextrin,chicken broth,autolyzed yeast extract,natural flavors)swiss & ham stuffing(pasturized process swiss cheese(swiss milk,cheese culture,salt,enzymes)water,sodium phosphate,cream,salt,cooked ham water added(ham,water,salt,dextrose,sodium phosphates,smoke flavoring,sodium erythorbate,sodium nitrate])breading(bleached wheat flour,salt,spices,sugar,driesd parsley,dried yeast,paprika extract),butter buds oil(canola oil,dijon mustard(water,vinigar,mustard seed,salt,white wine,fruit pectin,citric acid,tartiric acid,sugar,spice),natural butter flavor(whey solids,enzyme-modifide butter,guar gum,annato,tumeric, dijon mustard powder(distilled vinegar,mustard seed,salt,white wine,citric acid,tartaric acid,spices),maltodextrin,modified food starch,silicon.


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