Amounts available If you are getting a … ½ of ½: choose up to 2 options Side: choose up to 4 options Whole: choose up to 6 options If you do not want any cuts from the round, you may choose to grind for hamburger.

• Round Steak –Can be tenderized or not. Not at tender as other steaks. We will package to portion size you request on quantity of steaks per package.
• Minute Steak (Cubed Steak) – Tenderizing charges apply. Tenderized several times and packaged 4 steaks to a package. Great for Chicken Fried Steak
• Sirloin Tip – Can be cut to steaks or left as a roast. • Round Roast – You can have more roasts cut than what is also on your beef.
• Dried Beef – Curing and Smoking Charges apply. Minimum is 5 lbs.
• Whole Muscle Piece Jerky – Curing & Smoking Charges apply. Minimum is 5 lbs

Order Online to Pickup Later in store.  We still offer Curbside Service if Requested.

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