Rib Steak or Rib Eye Steak and Prime Rib Roast – Regular Rib Steak is left with the Bone In. If you prefer boneless steaks, choose Rib Eye Steak. Rib Eye Steak is most common. If you choose Rib Eye steak (boneless), you also have the option to have us cut and season a prime rib roast for you.

At least 2 cuts per package are included in the processing charge. If you would like 1 steak per package extra charges will apply. While 1” thick cut steaks is the most common thickness, we will cut steaks any thickness you like (We do not slice thinner than ½”) If you are getting a ½ of ½, steaks will have to be cut identical to the other split quarter. You may not get the exact cut or thickness you request but we will do our best.

Order Online to Pickup Later in store.  We still offer Curbside Service if Requested.

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